Our Story

Our Story
“My responsibility, our responsibility as lucky Americans, is to try to give back to this country as much as it has given us, as we continue our American journey together.” Colin Powell.

Host A Hero was formed in gratitude of the tremendous sacrifice military families make each and every day.  Our family values quality family time and making memories together when on vacation, so we wanted to provide opportunities to our Active Duty military families who rarely get to truly disconnect from rigorous training and combat deployment cycles, and just focus on their family and making lasting memories. These warriors miss so much of their kids lives and are always risking their lives which makes these memories so precious.

A light bulb went off when Alex realized that people like us who are fortunate enough to own a vacation home usually have many weeks when their home sits empty. Our concept emerged and we began to approach homeowners of second homes who wanted to give back and donate their property for a one-week stay for our Active Duty Special Operations soldiers and their families. We chose Special Operations soldiers because they have the most dangerous jobs in the military, which is an additional stress on their families.

Many organizations focus on serving veterans, but very few focus on those currently serving and experiencing the demands of military life. Host A Hero provides an opportunity for Special Forces families to relax and reconnect during an all-expense paid one-week family vacation. We alleviate the stress of travel arrangements and through the generosity of our donors coordinate all the necessary logistics, including accommodations, travel, meals and activities.

Regardless of our beliefs, political affiliations or cultural backgrounds, we are all Americans;  united by an inherent love of country and those who sacrifice of themselves and their families to protect the everyday freedoms we enjoy. We hope you join us to show our gratitude by offering our military families a chance to reconnect and make lasting memories in a stress-free vacation environment.

Alex & Karen Rodriguez

” I saw memories being etched into my children’s mind, my wife smiling and relaxing and then I got it.” Special Forces Soldier Testimonial (20 years of service)